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I make bright, mostly abstract, paintings, collages and stained glass I also run courses on creativity and write poetry. This website tells you about all of that – and enables you to buy pictures and/or book your place on my very popular, ‘hands-on’ courses.

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Here are my three most recent blog posts. Older ones can be found on the ‘Blog’ page – click here.

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Who is in your ‘Creative Cluster’?

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My most recent ‘Release your Creativity’ course has just finished – a lovely group who worked well together over three weeks. As always, it’s wonderful to see people producing fabulous, unexpected, creative work. I always have delicious surprises at the richness of people’s imaginations, courage and abilities.

As it was their last session, there was some discussion about how valuable it had been to have this group of people with whom everyone felt safe and where everyone knew they would get encouragement and support. The last session always has a poignancy about it and participants often express concern about whether they can continue to develop their creativity on their own. The answer is, of course; ‘Yes, you can!’ however, it is also very helpful to have other people in your world who will respect what you’re doing and give you a boost when you wobble.

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Show it off

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30th March 2018

I took several pictures to the framers yesterday. I always find that discussions with a good framer make me look again, more carefully, at the images I’ve created. There are so many creative decisions to be made: a mount or not? Colour of the mount? Texture? Depth? And how much space around the image?  And that’s before we even considered an actual frame!

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How do you begin?

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21st March 2018

I started writing poetry several years ago, when cancer treatment made me too incapacitated to paint. Although I did several tiny pencil drawings from my hospital bed, there came a time when drawing required concentration which I didn’t have. Poetry, I discovered, could be small, quiet and private, and written on the back of a petrol receipt.

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