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Show it off

Posted on 3, Apr, 2018

30th March 2018

I took several pictures to the framers yesterday. I always find that discussions with a good framer make me look again, more carefully, at the images I’ve created. There are so many creative decisions to be made: a mount or not? Colour of the mount? Texture? Depth? And how much space around the image?  And that’s before we even considered an actual frame!

In the evening, I went to my regular poetry workshop, where we were given a beautiful booklet of all the poems we have written since we started in September. My poems looked completely different, properly typeset in an interesting font and beautifully laid out on the page. They took on a different aura. It reminded me of the conversation with the framer.

It also reminded me of the importance of presenting your work well – whatever it is. I know that, when I collect my pictures from the framers, they will look different, they will have moved on, they will look better and people will take them more seriously because I’ve taken them seriously. The same goes for the poems.

Whatever your creative output, treat it seriously, take good photos of it if necessary, and when you’ve decided what you’re going to show to others, take time and care on how you show it. Then you’re helping other people to access whatever you’ve created.

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